“The Feminine Mystique” at the Lafayette Grill & Gallery

Comments from guests at David Derex’s 2002 New York City Fine Art Exhibition:

A very subtle appreciation of feminine beauty.
Troy Acree, NYC

Exciting & Classy Cool
J C Rockwell

Mesmerizing mystique, classical sense of form, colors of different shades and tones- quite a feast for the eyes
Joe Caporale, NYC

David, as I saw Sacyna my mind went somewhere else. I think you know how to bring the divine through your hands
Freddy Reyes, NYC

David, I loved your art. I want to see it again
Vered Rotem, Israel

For someone who has always been appreciative of the mystique of women, I must say you have truly captured the essence,
David Peace & Blessing Nansu, NYC

David, I love your work All the best
Pam York, Iowa

Great work!! Had a ball, will be back again
Love Rochelle “Flaming Cherries Jubilee”, NYC

“The Lord Loves A Workin’ Woman God Bless Ya!
Joe Maximo, NYC

Great Job. What an amazing body of work
Wendy Hill, NYC

Beautiful work, beautiful show
Kathie O’Hara, NYC

Stunning & Captivating
Tina Georgi, Israel

You have a gift
John Hajisava, Long Beach , NY

A very sensuous, beautiful event
James MacDonald, Bayside NY

Thank you for showing the beauty of women
Rosa Azzolini, New York City

Thanks for bringing beauty into my life today
Josephine Schwartz, NYC

Great, great stuff
Dustin Rotenberg, NYC

Fabulous, very interesting
Gayle Rotenberg, Glen Rock, NJ

I love it, creative and sexy
Alexander Groh , NYC

Great work!! Great show!
Richard Bartee, NYC

Pulchritude forever
R. Stepanek, NYC

Fabulous! Love it!!
Rory Centanni, NYC

Love the red girl
Glenn Tunstull, Brooklyn

Congratulations! You did it! Great
Chris Tebbutt, NYC

Beautiful…very nice Beauty only comes out when a photographer brings it out
Heidi Blair

Love ya! Great, Great
Renay Morris , NYC

I love your show!
Arlette Cummings, Laguna Niguel

Fabulous artwork great feeling and energy!!
Heidi Shulman, NYC

Great, fabulous inspiration
Phyllis Fullerton, NYC

David Thank you for sharing the sensuality that you see in the world It is undeniable
Courtney Maier, NYC

Incredible restraint; how can you be with all that beauty
Chazz Boswell, NYC

To Beauty, Harmony & Love! Your contribution to the art world is outstanding
Love, The Goddess of Abundanc Salud, Dinero y Amo Nohra Leff , CT

Your work is awesome a great expression of the David Derex Artistic, creative, full of warmth, love and beauty I’m so pleased to have seen your first ever New York City show. It will be something for me to brag about over the years
Fred Golove

Your work is beautiful You are an inspiration to us all
Michelle Malloy

You should be very proud of your art You have a talent for capturing something unique in each subject.
Marybeth Foley, CT

Awesome! Keep it up!
Sheila McGivern, Schenectady , NY

Wonderful work. I didn’t recognize my friend, that’s how beautiful your work is.
Thanx. K. A. Blue, Bronx , NY

The work is so good, I had to step outside to make sure I hadn’t walked into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And that Sacyna model is so hot!!! My eyes were burning just looking at her picture!!!
Jerry Vorbach, Montclair , NJ

I find that the “soft portrait” still intrigues me. The composition is masterful.
Diana Birkin, FairLawn , NJ

Wow, Red hot!
Larry Rubin, Boston , MA

Your vision of women is unique. I’m glad I saw the exhibit.
Wm. Russiello, Hackensack , NJ

I am very proud of you. I always knew you could do it. I am proud to be one of your models. Thank GOD for you, David. I will never forget you, you…
Sakeenah Nicole

You make women serve you the ball. You return the volley and the crowd is in awe. Keep up the passion. The love of your art is the game.
Scott McMichael, Montclair , NJ

Your subjects are beautiful and your artwork is stunning! Thank you.
Andrew Abrams , NJ

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