Artist’s Statement

“Passion awakes in the admiration of beauty.”

I have always been an observer of people, a student of their movements, mannerisms, moods and most subtle gestures. I have been working with photographic images since 1966, and currently use a wide variety of imaging tools and techniques to visually express ideas.

With my mixed-media portrait art and figure studies, my purpose is to generate a visceral energy.

Through the mystery and uniqueness of my models, I seek to portray a universal essence, transcending geographic and temporal boundaries. My images are designed to powerfully connect the viewer in the moment with the past and the future.

I aim to seduce viewers with aesthetics - vitality and unity - in order to sensitize them, as they recognize and take pleasure in their own physical, emotional, sensory, or spiritual vibrations.

The artworks are produced in limited editions as canvas giclees or carbon pigment prints on watercolor paper. Some images are available as silver gelatin photographic prints.

My technique is to first create photographs as reference material. I then employ natural media software, utilizing virtual brushes. This allows me to duplicate the appearance of many traditional media, such as chalk, pastel, ink, watercolor, oils, acrylic and airbrush.

By working on a pressure sensitive drawing tablet, I am able to paint totally freehand, and my linear movements are transposed onto my canvas into unlimited variations of line thickness, color, depth, luminance and saturation.

At times I will include an unexpected texture, shape or tone, to contrast with the purity and elegance of my subject’s one controlling gesture. This discordance-to-harmony relationship reflects influences from the Jazz world. I will purposefully obscure detail so as to blend photo-realism with an expressionist sensibility. I conceal to reveal, until all that is left is sublime beauty. I am not painting the person, but the idea.

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